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Monday, January 31, 2011

A Homage to Honeysuckle - the color of the year!

Check out the Little Gems Dare to be Different Necklace featured in this etsy treasury that pays homage to the hottest color of the year, according to the spring 2011 pantone fashion report... cheers!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Etsy Sellers and Buyers are Loving the Heartbreaker Earrings by Little Gems

Yup, you guessed it... an LG item was featured in another awesome treasury. The theme? Anti-Valentines Day items and gifts... check out this dark, yet fabulous collection featuring the Little Gems heartbreaker earrings!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Latest Etsy Treasury - New Item from Little Gems!

Loving all the newbie love going round in the etsy treasury... I've got my fingers crossed that we'll be making the front page of etsy one of these days... Help me put the good vibes out into the universe for some etsy front page action! haha. I've been awake for waaaay to long. Check out this creative collection by etsy seller and avid etsy newbie supporter (thanks again), kateknit (

A collection that shows some love to some talented newbies

Little Gems Love to Spoon Necklace was featured in this etsy treasury that shows a little LOVE to this featured collection of newbie etsy sellers. Honored to be included. Check out this treasury created by etsy seller Shady & Lou

Friday, January 14, 2011

One More Treasury Featuring Little Gems

This is insane, but I'm loving every minute of it! I don't know what I did to get featured in all these treasury collections, but I need to keep up the good work because they are actually leading to sales! Because of this, I will continue to promote all the treasuries I make, and all the ones I'm featured in by others, hoping to drive traffic to the other featured sellers shops as well, so we can all enjoy more sales. This one is by Mary of etsy shop "love the unique" and it's inspiration is pretty clear from the title alone. Check out this cool collection of warm, wooden wonders!

Another Amazing Etsy Treasury Featuring Little Gems!

I don't even know what to say... I'm so flattered by all the recent inclusions in etsy treasurys created by other etsy sellers. And, when you see the collections, you'll understand why I'm so grateful to be included... seriously, this is an awesome one! This treasury was created by etsy seller Linda Paloma and it rocks! Check it out now!!

Another Etsy Treasury Featuring Little Gems

Check out this treasury called honeysuckle's sure to have you thinking pink in no time! Big thanks to Katie of Paper Ink & Earth (etsy shop) for including my rose of rows bracelet in this lovely collection inspired by the 2011 pantone color of the year!

My latest inspiration has come from an unexpected source...

With the success of the Oh Deer Statement Necklace in the etsy treasuries, I've realized a new inspiration source I've been tapping into without much customers! You see the Oh deer necklace was a collaboration with friend/stylist/blogger/banana bread baker extrordanaire, courtney skoczek (of closet chic blog). Courtney originally came to me with an idea she had to make a necklace out of an actual antler and chain, but she wasn't sure about how exactly to go about doing it, which is where I was supposed to come in (although that wasn't exactly the case). Being the clever, resourceful girl she is, Courtney ended up figuring out the design and putting all the components together on her own (you go girl). Later, I found more vintage antlers and so I contacted Courtney about working together to expand on her original idea and bring a couple more versions of the necklace to life to sell in my etsy shop. With the help of Courtney (both the inspiration she provided and the connection with her grandfather, who helped us with the sawing down and drilling, I was able to create these unique statement necklaces that have been getting great response so far on etsy! I definitely see more collaborations with Courtney in Little Gems future! Want to know more about Courtney? Check out her blog at:

Another inspiration source has been Little Gems customer and friend, Stacy Herbstreit. Recently, Stacy came to me with an item she found on another etsy sellers page that she really like and wanted to use as a starting off point for earrings she is having me design for her. The earrings are very unique in both the length (a whopping 7 1/2 inches long - which happens to be standard length of most bracelets), and also in the use of found objects, specifically vintage bullet casings. Since, beginning the design process and working with Stacy to create her desired earring design, I've become further inspired to use other size bullet casings in other jewelry items I plan to create in the future.

I've always known that my customers were the best source for insight, but now I'm learning they can also be a wonderful source of inspiration - especially when it comes to creating custom items for them. Thanks to all my wonderful customers for continuing to keep me inspired and excited about designing jewelry that's both inspiring and exciting in return!

For your viewing pleasure...

Check out the two new collections I created on Etsy treasury to promote other talented etsy sellers and inspire anyone looking for a little inspiration on this dreary day in January... Enjoy!

A vino-themed treasury for the wine lovers out there:

A treasury featuring transcendant accessories to help you transition from winter to spring to summer in great style. Inspired by the new pantone colors and trends for spring 2011. None of the little gem etsy shop items were included in this treasury, but you'll find tons of transcendent jewelry in my etsy shop, so stop by after you check out this beautiful collection of items made by other talented etsy sellers:

Little Gems Oh Deer Statement Necklace has been a hit in the latest Etsy treasuries!

Check out the two Etsy treasuries my Oh Deer! Statement Necklace was treasured in... what an honor to be included in such cool collections!

Little Gems by Jax on Tumblr

Check out my blog on tumblr for more little gems!