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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Recent Sources of Inspiration - Greetings From Southern California

Sea Port Village

My favorite section of my favorite shop in Sea Port Village, Urban Lounge. This corner was filled with tons of stuff by two of my favorite artists:  Kelly Rae Roberts, and Leigh Standley of Curly Girl Designs. I left feeling inspired!

My favorite of the street performers at the Busker Festival

Seriously could not stop starring at this whimsical, steampunk-esque couple and their uber funky umbrella ride. I really want to know what she's planning to do with that washboard/grader looking thing she's holding?

me. standing. in a tree. I climbed.

I think this is what Carrie Bradshaw (of SATC) would call a "hollywood kiss," like the ones she used to share with Jack Burger (in the show, season 5, I believe) whenever they were having an off day and wanted to try to shake it and start fresh.

Me. On the beach. Burning silently, while blissfully unaware... luckily Im feeling better now, thanks to some aloe and some increased spf  protection today.

Caitie and I. Laying in Our Oasis by the Ocean.

Chilling out in the backyard with Chico, the dog Caitie got right before our year as roommates (senior year at WMU).

My dirty feet. All I came back with on my 1st day beachcombing.

A few of my finds. from the MANY bead stores, antique shops, and estate sales, Caitie and I scavangered our way through in my first few days in southern Cali.